What we do

Our Mission is to promote choice and independence with everyone we work with. We do this through:

  • Providing high quality, value for money temporary accommodation.
  • Providing residential and support services for socially excluded individuals, including those with multiple and complex needs
  • Promoting the highest quality holistic services through investing in our staff team.
  • Delivering services in a Psychologically Informed Environment using a Cognitive Analytical Approach.
  • Creating opportunity through the provision of therapeutic activities and meaningful activities.
  • Ethical collaboration with other organisations whose values are in line with our own ethical approach to delivering services.

 What we offer



YMCA Liverpool 170 years we have developed our provision to meet the needs of all who access our services. We continue to offer high quality, intensive, person centred support and innovative responses to the needs of our community.

Induction and Welcome

Support at the YMCA Liverpool begins from the moment a resident arrives. We aim to start the support process through ensuring new residents become familiar with their new surroundings and gain understanding of what to expect from our service. Our team of support staff  are on hand to welcome new residents and ensure their induction is a meaningful experience.

Person centred

We aim to treat every resident as an individual, taking into consideration that each of us need a certain approach /intervention to meet our needs. At YMCA Liverpool we have adopted a person centred approach in the way we support our residents, ensuring that every person is supported in a way that helps them to achieve their personal potential and feel safe. Our team of support workers are active in ensuring that specific needs are met through appropriate communication within the team within a psychological environment.


We tailor support to meet the needs of each individual, recognising that
‘one size does
not fit all’. We do this by involving residents in every step
of their support plan, offering choices and involving the people who are important in their life to provide enough support to enable people to maintain their existing skills, develop new ones and increase confidence and independence.

Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)

All of our services are psychologically informed. We support people who have experienced  complex and traumatic difficulties, this affects the way they think, react and behave, which can in turn affect the outcome for the individual. By living within a ‘psychologically informed environment’ (PIE), residents are developing understanding of their behaviour and relationships in a genuine way. As a team we are constantly evolving and developing our awareness and skills that are at the heart of a psychologically informed environment.

YMCA Liverpool works to measure these changes, reviewing our practice and demonstrating to members themselves that change is being made through provision of person centred support.


Resettlement shutterstock_270470528begins from the start of support provision. New residents are allocated a key worker who will work with them in identifying and overcoming the obstacles and barriers that have prevented them from living independently.

As part of our resettlement programme, residents are encouraged to participate in the ‘It’s Your Move’  programme of weekly workshops that cover important topics that can help residents develop skills for a successful resettlement.

YMCA Liverpool strives to provide a place where people can grow in confidence and self belief. The organisation operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on bullying, harassment and intimidation. We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all who access the services. Staff are regularly trained on safeguarding procedures and work within Liverpool YMCA’s Professional Boundaries policy.

Our residents are informed at induction stage of how we aim to ensure that all procedures are followed, how they can report a concern and that we will respond confidentially where issues are reported. Where we have concerns we will take steps to manage these with consideration of the safety of everyone concerned.

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