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Board of Trustees

YMCA Liverpool’s Board of Trustees is made up of a range of people with skills and experience in commissioning, health, finance, law, education, retail and community engagement. The Trustees are responsible for the overall management of YMCA Liverpool, its strategic direction and decision making. Trustees are recruited in response to an identified skills gap following a rigorous external recruitment process. 

New Trustees are provided with a thorough induction into their role, meeting with the Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team. Continuous training includes visits to YMCA Liverpool Services and briefings from key members of staff. Trustees are given training on their legal responsibilities and also sign an agreement that sets out YMCA Liverpool’s expectations of their role and responsibilities.

Senior Leadership Team

Ellie         Judith


         Ellie McNeil – Chief Executive                       Judith McLaine – Director of Operations



 David Pugh  – Director of Quality and Policy                    Les Ball – Interim Director of Finance

Nikki (2)         jon Avatar

Nikki Melia – Director of Business Development             Jon Metcalfe – Director of Services


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