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Liverpool Accommodation Based Support – Festive Breakfast Meeting

Our friends at New Start hosted our Festive Breakfast Meeting this morning and we were really well looked after – take a look at the pictures to see what a fantastic breakfast buffet Deanna set out for us!

There was plenty to talk about today and we were pleased to have a number of partners joining us. We are trying out a new logo and making plans to reach more people next year through the use of our websites and social media platforms – keep an eye out for our updates in the New Year!

We also launched our year 1 Annual Report, looking at some of our key stats following the first year of working together. These are summarised in the presentation below:

Breakfast Event dec 17

To round off the meeting we talked through some of the ways we have adapted our work as we strive to meet the needs of a wider group of people, including partnerships with Health and Harm Reduction practitioners to provide a full support service that is based in the accommodation. So far, we are seeing higher levels of engagement with this approach.

As a reminder Liverpool Accommodation Based Support Consortia is YMCA Liverpool and:

Plus Dane
New Start
Local Solutions

For more information about any of our services please get in touch here


Give free gifts of kindness this December.

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’ – Dalai Lama


So, you’ve survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and maybe had a little left over for Giving Tuesday?


Let’s not forget that December is a marathon, not a sprint. It may be the ‘most wonderful time of year’ for some, it can also be the most expensive and challenging time of the year for many.


It’s important to remember that giving gifts is not just about sharing ‘stuff’ – we can give so much in so many ways: time, attention, thoughtfulness.


It’s traditional to count the days to Christmas – some count with an Advent calendar, some count the number of days they have left to shop, or the number of sleeps til Santa comes!


Maybe this year, try counting the days with kindness – for yourself and others. This Kindness Calendar suggests random acts of kindness each day in December 2017 to help spread a little more happiness in our communities. It goes right through to New Year too – if you find some of these that make a difference, maybe they could make positive resolutions for 2018 too?

If any of the suggestions don’t work for you, why not double up on another from a different day, or get creative and choose your own?

You can download the Kindness Calendar as an image file or as a PDF file for printing out. Please pass it on to others – kindness is a free gift!

Source: Action For Happiness


The Soul in The Machine

YMCA Liverpool are working in partnership with YMCA Wirral and YMCA St Helens to  host a special performance  of  The Soul in The Machine,  a play about the life of YMCA founder George Williams.  Commissioned by YMCA and created by Saltmine Trust the play will transport you back in time to Victorian London and tell the story of the country boy who finds himself in London to find his place in the world.


Senior Leadership Team Update

We were sorry to say bye to Leanne but really pleased to welcome Les Ball back in an Interim Finance Director role. Ellie is currently on maternity leave with her baby boy but is keeping in touch with us. While Ellie is away, we are being supported by Justin Hill, CEO of YMCA St Helens.


Visit to Back in Focus

Tracy Emin is a controversial artist. Her turner prize nominated work, My Bed often evokes strong reactions from art lovers and loathers. The artwork itself cannot be categorised as unsuccessful, each way you assess My Bed it is has over achieved. FIND OUT MORE

Chartered Institute of Housing Level 3 in Supporting Homeless People

The course will be starting near the end of April beginning of May, for further details please contact [email protected]


CAT Tweeting at Liverpool YMCA

At Liverpool YMCA we take the psychological well being of our residents extremely seriously. As a result we have worked hard to develop our staff with Cognitive Analytical Behaviour skills. To find out more information about CAT at Liverpool YMCA you can follow us on Twitter @CAT_LYMCA and read the article here


Poem Workshop 2015

Matty has been stationed on the front desk at The City of Liverpool YMCA for many years; he is the stable, trusted and reliable face of the service Liverpool YMCA provides for the City. A few years back he was part of a drama workshop, staff and residents used improvisation and poetry to express their thoughts, feelings and anxieties, these being current or historic.


Talk by Ellie McNeil at 170th Celebration Service

A very warm welcome to you all and thank you for joining us on this cold, dark November evening. 2016 is a very special year for Liverpool YMCA as it marks our 170th birthday. As a proud third


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