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Who Is My Neighbour? A reflection by Kieran, chaplain at Liverpool YMCA


This year Liverpool YMCA celebrated its 170th anniversary, and this year I became the chaplain to this extraordinary community. My role is to listen, support, care and gently question – to be there for everyone in the organisation regardless of faith or belief


Queer and Unaccomodated

Stonewall Housing has a ‘Quick Exit’ button at the top of their website, so users can quickly and safely ‘vanish’ the website from their computer screens, should somebody enter the vicinity. That quiet little button tells us that we have a huge problem. Those two words are not just a label for a button, they are more than information, they are advice, and they are what an LGBT person is feeling when they click that button. ‘Quick! Exit!’


Growth Through Change

I was once a resident at Liverpool YMCA. I arrived at the hostel fearing that it wouldn’t be long before I would probably be asked to leave. The majority of my life had been spent using some substance or another, leading to homelessness at the age of 18. I had been asked to leave other hostels for breaking the rules and regulations, something I had been doing all my life. I didn’t know anything different.


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